Decidedly not fall yet...

Everyone is talking about how excited they are for fall and the cooler, sweater-weather that comes with it. 

Well, I am “chillin’” here in Phoenix, Arizona and it is decidedly not cooler. That isn’t exactly true, it has definitely dropped about ten degrees, but that means we’re still hovering at an average of 100. Nope. Decidedly not cool.

I find myself still pulling sundresses out - and feeling a little bit ridiculous doing so, but it can’t be helped.

So how do us girls down south find super cute fall outfits, when the weather is still stuck in summer? I think it is all about color. Obviously, white jeans aren’t out. (They are my and my boyfriend’s favorite piece on me.) But let’s pair those pieces with more fall colors. I really love jewel tones - especially with white 😉.

I have been wearing this J Crew dress all summer long. Literally. It is also really versatile, I find. I wear it with Jack Rogers sandals and a pony to run errands early Sunday morning and with wedges or heels to go out with friends. This time I had a pop of red with these super cute tasseled heels and paired them with the VogueVIP clutch by Clare V.

How do y’all merge your summer wardrobes with fall weather? Especially when it isn’t quite fall weather, yet…